W Charles de Gaulle

W Charles de Gaulle

President Soekarno with Robert Francis Kennedy in Jakarta, 1962

The Year of Living Dangerously – Indonesia and the Downed CIA Pilot, May 1958 - Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training

President Soekarno and Mao Tse Tung

21 Photos Of President Soekarno Hanging Out With Prominent International Figures

Cangkul Soekarno

Soekarno and his cangkul

Sukarno & Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor filming the Classic movie, in which she stared as "Cleopatra".

Sukarno & Elvis Presley on 'Blue Hawaii' Set

In this picture we see Hal Wallis, Indonesia's first President Kusno Soekarno to Elvis Presley Joan Blackman. Soekarno met Elvis in Hawaii while en route to the US to visit President John Kennedy.

President Soekarno (Indonesia)_Arrives in Pakistan (RespeCt)

President Soekarno (Indonesia)_Arrives in Pakistan (RespeCt)


Soekarno njoying the panorama of Nile River with Zhou En Lai, July