adolfhitlersstory: “ A young girl dressed in what is probably her father’s uniform smiles for the camera.

Pictured: A bunch of people who were murdered regardless of someone's opinion on the subject

he arrival and processing of an entire transport of Jews from Carpatho-Ruthenia, a region annexed in 1939 to Hungary from Czechoslovakia, at Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp in Poland, in May of


Two American Soldiers proudly show off their personalized "Easter eggs" artillery shells) before firing them. - Easter Eggs for Hitler Photo by National Archives WWII


6 août 1945, 8 h 15 à Hiroshima : « Mon Dieu, qu’avons-nous fait ? »

This colour photo of Hiroshima showing damage wrought by the atomic bomb was taken in March six months after the bomb was dropped

Egy korai színes fotó Londonról, a bombázások után

The 'blitz': During Battle of Britain, Luftwaffe bombers tried to destroy British air power ahead of a planned invasion of the UK. When that failed, Hitler resorted to terror attacks on civilians, including full-scale bombing of London.


NEVER forget the child soldiers. Facts & sad images of their fight.

Francia katonák maradványai, 1917.

A 1917 photograph of two helmet-wearing skulls of fallen French infantrymen in Verdun.

20 gondolatébresztő fénykép a történelemből, amit valószínűleg még sosem láttál ezelőtt – Xtreme blog

The future King George VI on the helter-skelter at the Wembley Exhibition, London, 1925

20 gondolatébresztő fénykép a történelemből, amit valószínűleg még sosem láttál ezelőtt – Xtreme blog

Ralph Morse—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images A boy watches TV in an appliance store window in 1948

rúzsa sándor börtönben

rúzsa sándor börtönben

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The guidance system for the later model Minuteman III ICBM

A legértelmetlenebb háború legvéresebb ütközete

A legértelmetlenebb háború legvéresebb ütközete

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You Probably Don't Know The Real Reason Chinese Women Bound Their Feet

Index - Mindeközben - Ha Kim-Ir-Szen fejet formázna néhány ezrednyi észak-koreai katona, nem szólnánk semmit, na de ez Woodrow Wilson és Amerika

For Presidents Day, we present this 1918 photograph of soldiers standing in the formation of Woodrow Wilson’s face. Over 150 men made up Wilson’s ear alone! [Mole & Thomas, Arthur S.