Especially for those who love the tie-knots of the sarong but the ease of the modern skirt.

Alia Bastamam Raya 2014 collection

Baju kurung Kedah top in silk with a panel of hand-woven silk Ikat from Uzbekistan, worn with a French crepe sarong.

Alia Bastamam wrap top with sarong in Frence crepe material.

Alia Bastamam Raya 2014 Signature wrap top, worn with a sarong - all in French crepe.

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SUEKASUEKA | credits ig: @suekasueka

SUEKASUEKA | credits ig: @suekasueka

Pinstriped Pocket Kurung, Lubna

Pinstriped Pocket Kurung from Lubna in Black and White - Baju Kurung Moden NET