surya sastrawan ida bagus

surya sastrawan ida bagus

surya sastrawan ida bagus
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Three white soldiers and three black crows patterns are another three musketeers which shout about a reversal of a trend - Check how to work with those while you trade Forex at

"Three White Soldiers" and the "Three Black Crows" - Another "Three Musketeers!" Three White Soldiers and Three Black Crows are again trend reversal patterns. The Three white soldierspatters emerge during downtrends and the three black crows


Understanding option trading and its fundamentals is vital to trading success. You have to know your product well if you want to succeed in the business of options trading.

Intro to Chart Patterns | Using Stock Chart Patterns

Chart patterns play a big role in technical analysis. Stock chart patterns help identify trends and reversals and trigger buy and sell signals for traders.


This is my favorite design. It is simple, yet shows the connection between "a friend of a friend". I like the colors too. Not traditional blue and pink, but feminine and masculine.