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That black sweater. Yeeah, if my future boyfriend has it, imma steal it ;

∾∙♕❁∙∽∘ yoυ ɑʀe ϻʏ ☼ ,ϻʏ☽ ɑɴd ɑʟʟ ϻʏ ✰'s ∘∽∙❁♕∙∾

∾∙♕❁∙∽∘ yoυ ɑʀe ϻʏ ☼ ,ϻʏ☽ ɑɴd ɑʟʟ ϻʏ ✰'s ∘∽∙❁♕∙∾

chanyeol || exo omg this is beautiful... Think I'll put it as my phone background for a bit..

You don't even understand it. (well, the Chanyeol stans do) I love this dude so much

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littlebyuns: “ fy-exo: ““ radiantcy61 ” ” @chanhyun ”

littlebyuns: “ fy-exo: ““ radiantcy61 ” ” @chanhyun ”

Nuestro Brad boy :'3

No puedo ser tu omega• YoonMin• Omegaverse• - 🐾9🐾

I'm too in love with my ultimate bias that's why I've got too many photos of him in my "h e a r t a t t a c k" board. I'm sorry, I just can't handle how handsome he is

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Chanyeol with sweater paws. this literally makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

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According to a report on February EXO has been selected as the new model for the multi-clothing brand Hats On. Starting from the brand’s 2016 S/S photo