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a person is holding the handle on a water faucet
Purity in a Faucet - Yanko Design
Purity in a Faucet | Yanko Design
an air freshener sitting on top of a white sheet covered in satin material with the word denix's logo above it
a table with a lamp on top of it next to a chair and a book
Mathmos (Responsive Lighting) - Airswitch TC // Black Mathmos crafts intuitive and responsive lighting pieces that react to your very touch.
a person pointing at a light in a glass container on a wooden table with a white wall behind it
Foster + Partners introduces Eva tabletop light
an image of a glass dome with some waves in the bottom and light at the top
Sound sculpture
a black and yellow clock on a white wall with a string attached to the back of it
The Microbial Home / A Philips Design Probe / 2011
The Microbial Home / A Philips Design Probe / 2011 on Behance
an electric hair dryer is shown on a gray background with clippings to the side
tumblr_p5babfKyfy1tiejlho1_500.jpg | Are.na
Are.na / Techno Commodities
an electronic device is shown on a black surface with white light coming from the top
Rounded Archives - leManoosh
Layer playr
thermos are designed to look like they could be used in different ways
萤火虫手电筒/ flashlight
萤火虫手电筒/ flashlight on Behance
a close up view of the lens on top of a tripod with a camera attached to it
LADF | Autodesk Community Gallery
an electronic device is plugged into a metal pole with a cord attached to it
40 Gorgeous Examples of Industrial Design | Inspirationfeed
a hand is pressing the button on a white wall mounted touch pad with an arrow pointing to it
Material Break Archives - leManoosh
two different types of electronic devices on the wall, one with an out in button
Wireless Doorbell
Wireless Doorbell on Behance
a glass vase sitting on top of a table next to a brown ball in front of it
Material Library
bower studios bower material library sample glass clear reeded mirrors furniture
an image of a speaker that is on top of a white surface with red light coming from it
Air purifier Archives - leManoosh
Air purifier – leManoosh