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How to make a button up skirt from a men's shirt sewing tutorial
a mannequin is dressed up like a woman's dress with red and pink colors
Pattern Testers for the Coquelicot Skirt
the front pocket pattern for this skirt
4 Panel Skirt with Pockets - The Shapes of Fabric
someone is using a sewing machine to sew something white with ruffles on it
Julija Gobere | Sewing on Instagram: "Here’s how to sew stand collar with ruffles 🤗 This collar is quite easy to make and adds a cute touch to the garment 🤗 Stand collar pattern is drafted by me and it’s rather simple design detail that you can add to any dress or shirt pattern. Would you like a pattern tutorial for this stand collar? 🤔 #howtosew #sewingideas #ilovesewing #sewingmachine #sewingpattern #patterndrafting #sewingclass #sewingteacher #learntosew #sewingismypassion"
a blue dress with ruffled collar and bow at the waist
ruffles 2012 guest: simple simon and co.
ruffles 2012 guest: simple simon and co.
Good tips for sewing