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Master the Inciting Incident Today! [4 Elements to Kill it] - Herded Words
The inciting incident is the point where your novel changes. Your exposition period is over and you're about to start the rising action. Learn about the 4 elements that make a great inciting incident. Analyze the inciting incidents of bestselling & award-winning modern fiction. Plus, get exercises and prompts so aspiring authors can practice writing fiction. Click to get started writing your life-changing inciting incident today!
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10 Tips on writing amazing Psychopathic Characters - TheMindMyth
a black and white photo with the words writing tips what is pacing in history?
How to Pace Your Story for Maximum Effect - Writing Tips for Authors
a skull with the words how to kill your darings and write a better story
Kill Your Darlings Meaning - What It Is And Why You Should Do It
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Fantastic Writing Tips for Horror
Looking for writing tips for your next horror novel or screenplay? Check out this list of 9 awesome ideas for horror stories!
the title for how do i write effective horror books and screenplays?, written in black and white
How to Write Horror Stories That Terrify Your Readers (Fiction Writing Tips for Horror!)
a black and white photo with the words, 7 secrets for writing a psychological thriller
7 Secrets for Writing a Psychological Thriller | Writing Prompts
a man typing on his laptop with the caption what is deep point of view? and why you should be using it
What Is Deep Point of View And Why Should You Learn It?
a woman leaning against a tree with the text how to write realistic dialogue drafting + editing
How to Write Realistic Dialogue: Drafting and Editing
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The Novel Series: Part II: How Long Should Chapters and Scenes Be?
The Novel Series: Part II: How Long Should Chapters and Scenes Be? - Between the Lines Editorial
the title for how to write a sense of wonder with lessons from alice in wonderland by lewis caroll
How to Write a Sense of Wonder in Your Novel - Fiction Writing Tips
the words creating believable friends in your fiction on top of a purple background
Building Suspense and Tension in Your Fiction
the title for writing character development, characters in transition with an image of a man
Writing Character Development: Characters In Transition
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk with text overlay how to start a blog in less than 20 minutes
How to Start a Blog — Taylor Stanford
How to create a blog fast and make money blogging. The newbies guide to becoming a blogger. #blogging #bloggingtips #startablog