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a drawing of a woman with grey hair
Tannia art
an anime character with blue hair pointing at something
Are you kidding me?!
an anime character holding up a sign
Dream come true round 2
a woman holding up a piece of paper with the words dream come true written on it
Dream come true
Keep smiling #animegirl
a drawing of a man on a skateboard with mountains in the backgroud
Traditional drawing
#animegirl #animequotes #mangadrawing Anime Quotes, Shit Happens, Anime Girl, Manga Drawing, Laugh, No Matter What Happens, Fun
Fighting desu!!
#animegirl #animequotes #mangadrawing
a cartoon girl with pink hair and green eyes is holding a chinese new year card
Happy chinese new year
a cartoon girl with bunny ears holding a stuffed animal
Michi Try 1 by tannia8anggraini on DeviantArt
~~nyuu~~ I want give up!! but, I can't "don't stop dreaming"
a girl in a hat is blowing bubbles with the word luffy written below her
Luffy-chan 2 by tannia8anggraini on DeviantArt
Untitled-2 by tannia8anggraini on DeviantArt
two anime characters one is kissing the other has her face covered by another person's hand
Nyuu by tannia8anggraini on DeviantArt
just a fighting boy and girl
an anime character with long hair wearing a dress
my faith just for Lord Jesus
a girl with long brown hair holding her hand up in the air and saying i've got to find my way and i will survive some way
Yookai by tannia8anggraini on DeviantArt
I've get to find my way and I will survive some way!!