Tahu Gejrot Cirebon – Fried Tofu in Chili Soy Sauce

Tahu Gejrot Cirebon - Fried Tofu in Chili Soy Sauce

This is a more unusual way to prepare tempeh, at least I don’t make perkedel tempeh often enough, and I don’t think I encounter much of this in Jakarta. In Solo, where this is called ento-ento, perhaps perkedel tempeh is a more common occurrence. My typical perkedel is made with …

Perkedel Tempeh - Tempeh Fritters

<p>I like simple dishes like this for my everyday meal. Generally, I can finish prepping to cooking this dish within the time requires for my rice cooker to finish cooking my rice, which is a huge plus in my book. I buy my tofu already fried, saving a lot …</p>

Pindang Tahu Goreng - Fried Tofu in Spicy Broth

Resep Membuat Bakso Daging Homemade

Resep Bakso Daging Gurih Kenyal Resep Bakso Daging Gurih Kenyal - Asslamau'alaikum, lagi rame sekarang kreasi masakan bakso, mulai d.

Tajine de poulet aux abricots secs et amandes

tajine de poulet aux abricots raisins blonds & amandes

Resep Gudeg Jogja Praktis dan Cara Membuat Gudeg Jogja Asli

GUDEG The Most Popular Food from YogyakartaSince many years ago, gudeg, traditional food made from young jackfruit, has been the most popular food in Yogyakarta. Not only in gudeg