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several pictures of different pieces of fabric | Express Your Creativity!
Don't be intimidated by curved piecing! Visit the Craftsy Blog for a quick tutorial on pinning and sewing curves.
the instructions for how to make an origami paper airplane that is flying in the sky
Sewing Techniques for Stitching Curves - Quilting Daily
sewing technique for piecing curves
a drawing of a teddy bear with numbers on it
Arte Damas: Riscos Diversos
someone is cutting fabric with scissors on the table
Easy Quilt as You Go Joining Techniques for Beginners - (UPDATE 👍)
How to square up fabric...everyone needs to know this.
the quilts are colorful and have many different designs on them, including squares and strips
the start of a traditional log cabin quilt
crazy mom quilts: the start of a traditional log cabin quilt
four different pictures showing how to make a bag
Shopper Tote Bag Tutorial
Easy Shopper Tote Bag Sewing A Step-by-Step Tutorial with Photos.
four hexagons with flowers on them sitting on top of a cutting board
Part 2 of Hexie Tutorial - Flowers
Bee In My Bonnet: Part 2 of Hexie Tutorial - Flowers
a person holding a piece of paper with clothes pins attached to it
Hexie Paper Piecing Tutorial - Part 1
Hexie Tutorial Part 1 I am a hexagon addict, so thought I'd pass this to my "wanna be an addict" friends ;-)
the quilts are laid out on the floor
Halloween Chevron Quilt Tutorial
This Chevron Quilt Tutorial is SO CLEVER -- it's all strips with straight seams! Very easy pattern / method from The Little Fabric Blog..
an open colorful umbrella with floral designs on it
The secret to Y-seams
secret to Y-seams
a blue and white quilt with squares in the center, on top of a black frame
Joannes Designs Week52
Joannes designs week52 a Pinterest challenge delivering 'Flight Quilt' a simple row quilt inspired by a quilt on pinterest.
a white cat laying on top of a multicolored piece of art that looks like a spiral design
Derecho Rainbow Quilt
Bellissimo! "Rainbow Derecho" quilt top in progress from the WaterPenny blog. Great colors!
blue and white striped fabric with text that reads, won't iron flat, and curved unseen edge straight edge sewn to curved edge
Made with Oakshott
Lily's Quilts: Made with Oakshott
the quilts are all different colors and patterns on the table cloth, but one is blue
Wonky Corners Block Tutorial
Just Jude: Wonky Corners Block Tutorial
the blocks are made up and ready to be sewn together
Charmed Whirlgigs Tutorial
need to make a quilt for my step daughter and this looks like it would do the trick... simple and yet still this block
a quilted table runner made out of several different colored triangles on a wooden floor
An Even Easier Arrow....
Molly Flanders: An Even Easier Arrow....
an image of a quilt block with the words, interlocking seasons quilt block
Tutorial for Interlocking Seasons
the instructions to make a quilt block with blocks and strips in red, green and white
Mini Posies Quilt Block Tutorial
Mini Posies Quilt Block Tutorial
two quilt blocks with flowers on them sitting next to each other in front of a white wall
Podunk Posy quilt block tutorial (lots of pics)
Podunk Pretties: Podunk Posy quilt block tutorial (lots of pics)
a green and white quilted block with black triangles
WIP Wednesday
Green, blue and black on white background
an orange and blue piece of paper sitting on top of a cutting board
Desperate House Wives QAL - Woven Chevron Block Tutorial
Woven Chevron block
an orange and white cell phone sitting in a pouch on top of a table next to a book
Quilted Wallet Tutorial
How to Sew Plain Quilted Wallet. DIY Photo Sewing Tutorial.
two patchwork purses sitting on top of green bushes
Hexagon Patchwork Purse Tutorial
Hexagon Patchwork Purse Tutorial. How to Sew Photo Sewing Tutorial.
several pictures of different shapes and sizes of fabric
Hexagon Pouch Tutorial
Quilting Hexagon Pouch Tutorial DIY in Pictures.
the scissors are laying next to some colorful strips of fabric on a piece of paper
Herringbone Block Tutorial — Stitched in Color
Loving this technique
a piece of fabric has been sewn together
Project Sewn - Sewing, Embroidery Tips & Tricks, Product Reviews
Pineapple Mini Quilt block - Red Brolly
a red and white quilt with the words learn to make a rail fence quilt block technique 1
Beginning Quilting: Rail Fence Quilt Block Tutorial
Learn to make a Rail Fence quilt block with our free Beginner Quilt Block Patterns Series.
an american flag quilted on top of a piece of fabric with red, white and blue colors | Express Your Creativity!
adding the top and bottom borders fabric strips to the quilt block