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You've heard them in your favorite dramas now learn them for yourself. How to Argue in korean. Which character are you picturing? #kdramahumor

You are considered extremely rude if you just learn slang to "argue", and it's not too hard to learn extra, more respectable phrases than just your "kdrama" vocab :(

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hm, and when EXACTLY are you going to use these words in Korea? B/c I guarantee you that the moment you say those curse words, you WILL get kicked out of whichever place you'll be in.

Hufflepuff pride

I wasn't sorted into hufflepuff on pottermore, but I thoroughly agree with this argument. >> the new sorting hat quiz sorted me in Hufflepuff, but the old test got me in Ravenclaw.

Perfect. I ship it.

Ok I seriously laughed til it hurt over this pin. And I'm still laughing as I type this. Oh man my abs hurt -Stephanie >>> my pizza bag hurts.