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Surabaya / little Rainbow after Rain
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Sawako <'3

Sawako Kuronuma Anime/Manga: Kimi Ni Todoke Birthdate: 31 December Age: 17 Blood Type: B Height: 158 cm Weight: 44 kg Life Philosophy: "One good deed per day" Rules: This is a Fan Club, so keep in min

Kimi ni todoke Her face is cracking me up!!

Kimi ni todoke Her face is cracking me up! Me tho

kimi ni todoke

Kuronuma and kazehaya ♥♥♥♥ one of the cutest couples out there in anime history! The anime is called "kimi ni todoke", and if you're the type to love romance about a really shy yet misunderstood girl, and a popular guy, then totally watch this!