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An American Girl: Keri Russell - Brooklyn Magazine

A FEW QUICK THINGS ABOUT KERI RUSSELL: she arrived perfectly on time for this profile’s photo shoot; her face was makeup-free, hair slightly damp, smile wide and open; she wore cut-off jean shorts and well-worn Toms; she was unfailingly polite and relatively quiet until her kids arrived on set, at which point she got down …

How To Replicate Keri Russell's 'Brooklyn Bardot' Look

Purple eyeliner is involved.

Bet You'd NEVER Think to Put These 3 Eyeshadow Shades Together

"Mauve, gray, and beige—now those are three eyeshadow shades that go together," thought no one ever. Well, no one except Keri Russell and the makeup artist who did her eye makeup for the TCA winter press tour Fox all-star party. Which is a shame because look how gorgeous the three are together: She's got shimmery beige all over her top lids with a line of gray eyeliner along her upper lash line. And then the mauve is just along her lashes on the bottom—an unexpected twist there, but one…

#theLIST: Bijoux: 15 Earrings That Make the Look

It just so happens that by matters of circumstance and good designthe earring is having a moment. With pearls, on cuffs, as a single earring only or unrelentingly luxethis particular jewelry piece has been widely embraced by the red carpet set

My Journey With a Life Altering Drug: Ayahuasca

Lindsay Lohan met with a shaman and did ayahuasca to find clarity. But what does a psychedelic brew that promises enlightenment really feel like?

Keri Russell's Ever-Changing Hairstyles Through the Years, From Felicity to The Americans

From her bouncy blonde curls from the Felicity days to her soft brunette wave in The Americans, Keri Russell has proven that she is the ultimate hair chameleon.