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Microsoft HoloLens delivers 'Star Wars' holographic message we've been waiting…

HoloLens-powered holoportation system transmits models of people in remote places in real-time to the HoloLens wearer

DJI Phantom 4 is the iPhone of drones and so much fun to fly [REVIEW]

DJI's new Phantom 4 drone is sleeker, more intelligent and easier to control than most drones.

This homemade hoverbike is the future of personal aviation

Inventor Colin Furze finally took flight on his homemade hover bike, the Furze Ford Unlearn Flying Machine. Furze has been posting videos about building the bike over the past several weeks, b…

Ford welded 2 Mustangs together to celebrate automotive innovation

Ford helped combine a 1965 and a 2015 Mustang to celebrate automotive innovation for the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum.

Hyundai is building an 'Iron Man' suit

The Korean car company is creating the wearable robot primarily for factory workers, soldiers, and people with disabilities.

LG Action Cam lets you live stream to YouTube without a phone

GoPro may be the undisputed champion when it comes to so-called action cameras (hell, one just hitched a ride to outer space), but LG is looking to go it a run for its money with