Java, 1935.

Javanese, BBC Boracay says: " So Beautiful.

Javanese Woman ~ ca 1899

Indonesia ~ Javanese Woman ~ ca 1899

Java - Woodbury & Page C. 1850-60

JAVA WOODBURY (WALTER BENTLEY) and JAMES PAGE. Two albums comprising a total of 60 topographical views and portraits in Java, predominantly in and around Batavia, together with 29 loose photographs, also from the Woodbury & Page studio, a few

Indonesia ~ Man op Java. Javanese.

Man of Java.

Money Changer Girl ~ Java ~ Indonesia ~ 1908

old-indische: Money Changer Girl ~ Java ~ Indonesia ~ 1908

A Javanese Couple......color plate from 1940's book by route44west, $10.00 #Indonesia

A Javanese Couple - book by (Indonesia)

Tempo Doeloe #18 - Tukang Barang, 1912

old postcard (best viewed in Large)


Visit the National Museum of Photography in Rotterdam.

A blangkon or belangkon (Indonesian) is a traditional Javanese headdress worn by men and made of batik fabric.

Colonial scribe in Besuki, Java wearing blangkon,

dutch indies police in madiun, 1920

dutch indies police in madiun, 1920

Isidore van Kinsbergen (1821-1905) Statue in a ficus, Kediri, East Java, 1866-1867

Harihara stele Deification stele with figure of Harihara, in the Residency garden, Kediri, East Java, Photographer: Isidore van Kinsbergen - (via British Library)

Potret Ibu dan 2 orang anak

Potret Ibu dan 2 orang anak

The largest dwarapala stone statue - a guardian of holy places - in Java, Indonesia. COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Beeld van een demonische tempelwachter Singosari Oost-Java TMnr 10016489 - Dvarapala - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My beautiful Indonesia

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