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Daihatsu Taft F50 1980

Daihatsu Replaced the LWB landrover. Had to get a smaller trailer.

daihatsu taft

Taft Kebo, Daihatsu, Nobby, 4x4, Jeeps, Jeep

Taft Kebo, Daihatsu, 4x4, Jeeps, Offroad, Badass, Pickup Trucks, Napkins, Adventure

Daihatsu, 4x4

Greetings otomania, HOT in daytime this opportunity we will present information concerning a modification of older jeep car namely Daihatsu Taft F50 or often called Taft Added the birth in 1980. The restoration process is done by the owner of the workshop addressed Auto Performas a Daihatsu Taft F50 which was very fresh and inviting decak amazed to see it.

Modification Car Daihatsu Taft "Rape" in 1980 - Car Modification Trends

Daihatsu, Jeeps, Badass, Jeep

Toyota Micro 4wd Blizzard

Little but mighty, the Blizzard brought the storm to the off road market.

Daihatsu Taft

Daihatsu Taft

Toyota Blizzard

Toyota Blizzard

Un daihatsu f20 en el parque de Barbosa

Un daihatsu en el parque de Barbosa

Daihatsu LF-20 1980

Daihatsu, 4x4