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Nutrient rich water is automatically pumped on a timer from the bottom 25 gallon reservoir to the top of the tower where it then trickles down over the plant roots that grow inside the tower. This automatic hands free system delivers the precise amounts of vital PH balanced nutrients and minerals to grow strong disease resistant plants.
Industrial Loft by SHED Architecture & Design | HomeAdore - created via http://pinthemall.net
Pacific - 25 m small house (attafallshus) designed by NG architects for Compact Living Nordic
A House Design Studio projetou o apartamento para um engenheiro de 30 anos, cuja principal demanda era que o cimento queimado fosse predominante na decoração. Localizado em Kaohsiung, Taiwan,o ambiente possui 92m²  de estilo industrial, trabalhando materiais como o cimento, madeira, canos, metais e tijolos.  Veja Mais em: http://www.limaonagua.com.br/decoracao/apartamento-masculino-com-decoracao-estilo-industrial/#ixzz3vkno6ZYv
One of the side walls of the house was removed and replaced with a stock brick cavity wall and joined to the rest of the house by a sliver of glazing.
The Cousin Cabana: a 480 sq ft cabin near Austin, Texas, designed for visiting friends and family
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Facts about the Tower Garden® - Future Growing® LLC. To purchase, visit: www.cstolle.towergarden.com
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