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an image of a bird is being viewed in the camera's menu screen shot
How to Properly Sharpen Images in Lightroom
How to Properly Sharpen Images in Lightroom - WOW, best sharpening tutorial I…
two pictures with the same person sitting in a tree and one is reading a book
Get creative mixing with these Photoshop tutorials for beginners | WebTipsforYou
Saw this in the Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop and Lightroom Actions Set group…
a woman sitting on the ground with a camera in her hand and text reading 3 free photoshop lightroom, and acr
Morgan Burks Photoshop Education & Editing Tools for Photographers
33 Free Tutorials for Photoshop, Lightroom, & Adobe Camera RAW!
an image of a parrot with the words how to sharpen your photos in lightroom
How to Sharpen Your Photos in Lightroom
There’s no question that Lightroom is a powerful piece of photo processing software, but due to that power sometimes it’s not as easy to wrap our heads around everything it has to offer, that’s in part why I started my Let’s Edit YouTube series a weekly segment in which I share my own editing workflow for viewers …
an eye is shown with the text sharpening
Sharpening in Lightroom 3
Lightroom 3 has a pretty clever sharpening system. Isn’t it funny how when you look at a shot, you think it looks pretty great until you get some sharpening going and then you realize that it wasn’t even close to being sharp? That said, sharpness isn’t the most important thing to many photographers and sharpening …
a woman sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen with multiple images on it
Photo Editing
two pictures of the same person riding a motorcycle on a road with sun shining in the background
Ten Photo-Editing Tips From a Pro
Lightroom photo editing tips. This is a great article with easy tips that make a huge difference.
three sugar cookies stacked on top of each other with powdered sugar on the edges
Cream Cheese Cookies (Best Ever Cookies) - Pizzazzerie
Cream Cheese Cookies
a laptop with the words 5 lightroom tricks for killer photo edits
5 Lightroom Tricks For Killer Photo Edits
a woman standing on top of a beach next to the ocean
How to use Color Curves in Lightroom to add depth
When you import an image as a RAW file it appears a bit flat. Lightroom is your tool to bring out the color and bring the image to life! Today, let’s spend a little more time talking about Color Curves and the impact they have on your editing.