There's nothing more comfy than boxer shorts! DIY your very own pair (and make them as gifts for the next slumber party!) with this free downloadable pattern! This is a beginner level sewing project:

How to Make Easy Women's Boxer Shorts (With Free Pattern

Measurement tips by RenzRags on Etsy, $1.00:

This is an excellent measurement reference chart .If you are learning to WILL need this as you sew more sorts of styles.


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sewing infographic series from waffle patterns one is about very basic skill hand stitches use t

Share Published by: TIPS FOR: sewing stitches, sewing labels, quality sewing, hand sewing basics, sewing classes, sewing 101, learn to sew CHECK OUT THESE RELATED TIPS! Tips to Do Basic Hand Embroidery Stitches Complete Beginners Guide to Knitting Tips to Make a Skirt in 30 Minutes

Tips to Master Basic Sewing Stitches for Beginners

I'm loving this outfit so much ~ Loose bodies and a scarf that comes low to cover the front part. Isn't this what true hijab is all about? Perfect 10!

I'm loving this outfit so much ~ Loose bodice and a scarf that drops low to cover the front part. Isn't this what true hijab is all about?

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