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Bandrek Kelapa Muda - coconut ginger warm drink, indonesian drink

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Indonesian Food. Pisang Rai Bali. Coconut Banana from Bali.

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Es doger Indonesian icy drink #bali #indonesia #drink

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Indonesian snacks, it's sticky rice rolls stuffed with chicken and wrapped in banana leaves. It's Lemper.

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Kroket kentang - Indonesian Potato Croquettes #Indonesian recipes #Indonesian cuisine #Asian recipes #Asian cuisine

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Indonesian Fried Chicken

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Indonesia fried snapper #Indonesian recipes #Indonesian cuisine #Asian recipes

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Green Banana Ice This is one of Indonesian's desserts. The green one is actually a Banana covered in a pandan leaf flour. The topping consist of chocolate sprinkler, cheese, shredded Ice and strawberry syrup. Though, it sounds and looks strange but it's actually quite tasty.

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