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an ornate staircase in the middle of a building
an old church made out of mosaic tiles
Unusual Little Chapel Built with Glass and Broken Pottery Destroyed Many Times Over – But Still Stands!
the inside of a church with stained glass windows and colorful lights on it's ceiling
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona [534x800] [OS in comments]
the inside of a cave with water coming out of it
55 Beautiful Places to Satisfy Your Wanderlust From Afar
an art installation in a large room filled with lots of shiny tiles on the ceiling
Soo Sunny Park "Unwoven Light" - Rice University Art Gallery - Houston, TX
a large building made out of different types of tiles on the beach with people standing around it
BASE Landscape Architecture | San Francisco | Portland
an artisticly designed building in the middle of a city at night with cars passing by
Crescent Moon Tower Dubai
two pictures of the same building in different stages of construction, and one is being reflected in water
Lotus Building in Wujin, China. [building]
a large brick oven sitting next to a tree
Never tell the architect to get knotted.
an unusual house built into the side of a cliff
a pool in an old building with stairs leading up to the water's edge
The Marvels of India's Maze-like Stepwells