Cake decorating

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some decorated cookies are sitting on a blue and white tablecloth with different colored sea creatures
Easiest Royal Icing Recipe
a white table topped with a cake covered in frosting next to plates and flowers
Painted Buttercream Spring Carrot Cake
a three tiered cake decorated with blue and white frosting, topped with shark fin decorations
Shark Diorama Cake for Shark Week! - Sprinkle Bakes
some cookies in a box with bunny ears on them, and an instagram message
a cake with chocolate frosting and nuts on top
Cookie Dough Cake - Cookie Dough Baked into Each Layer | Butternut Bakery
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a cake with cookies and cream on top is sitting on a plate next to some cookies
Milk and Cookies Cake Recipe
a chocolate cake with white frosting and cookies on top is sitting on a plate
Milk and Cookies Cake - Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
a cake with chocolate chip cookies and white icing
Fondant Cake Classes