Bank of Taiwan - Kembang Djepoen - Surabaya 1920

Surabaya "the city of heroes"

Detailed Pictures | Piano Store, Pasar Besar Surabaya 1910

Surabaya "the city of heroes"

Chinese Temple at Chinatown. Surabaya 1910

Chinese Temple at Chinatown.

Willemskade Surabaya / Soerabaja

Willemskade Surabaya / Soerabaja

Beer Hall at Surabaya - Hotel Oranje (??)

Soerabaia Bierhal Beer Hall Buffet Java Indonesia ca 1910

The new housing development in Surabaya, East Java ca 1900. Some of the old houses still intact today.

Gubeng Jepit estate, about 130 hectares, across the river from Simpang


Photos depicting the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Many are from the collection of Bob Bragman.

#DeBegraafplaats #Peneleh #Surabaya - Kubah

Since it became defunct in the condition of the old Peneleh cemetery in Surabaya has deteriorated despite its impressive history, which dates back to its establishment in It used to be a “sacred” place

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a postcard of karayuki-san from Saigon, Vietnam