Top 10 Foods You Must Eat In Bali

Balinese food gets me excited every time we come back to Indonesia’s most popular holiday spot. I get excited about unpretentious flavours and time-tested spices that result in mouth-watering food that I just can’t get enough of. Next time you visit Bali

There are many different styles of Croquette in every country. In Indonesia, Croquette was first introduced during Dutch Colonial rule and it becomes a very popular snack. The Indonesians like to enjoy croquettes with bird eye chilies

Steamed chicken rice, nasi tim ayam -i love it sooooo much. There's this one little food corner in my hometown selling it and i'm loving it.

Resep Nastar Gulung Spesial ini memiliki tekstur yang sangat lembut dan meleleh di mulut. Banyak orang penasaran bagaimana cara membuat kue kering yang bisa kempyur dan meleleh di mulut. Dalam resep ini juga akan disampaikan tips dan rahasia membuat kue kering yang enak. Nastar merupakan salah satu dari kue kering yang sudah ada sedari dulu.