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j a k a d i l a g a

Idol world / You cannot hurt me more than i already did myself. But you can show me how it feels to be lived beyond expectation. Bebih, i love you.
j a k a d i l a g a
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potential loft style means we would be able to utilise more space and love the study nook tucked underneath staircase - very space efficient

The T-1000 Gotham featuring the world’s longest power reserve; vertical roller-borne hour and minute indications; and muscular case in natural and blackened titanium.

Like the Dark Knight, the Gotham edition of the Rebellion is tireless, relentless, and fierce. Six mainspring barrels give the watch a hour power reserve so it can run for well over a month between windings.

These outfits I feel is almost sup, but something I don't feel appropriate is the sneakers instead of dress shoes.

I've been reppin' this style since forever, 'bout time someone appreciates it--> For "sexy casual" love the grey sportcoat, navy/white gingham check shirt and dark jeans. Make sure he gets them hemmed! I will pin each item separately too

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Do you want to learn how to write a book? In this step-by-step guide for writers, I explain how you can finish writing your book faster.

1:12 scale modern model houses: 1:12 Scale Shipping Container House completed!

Container House - Making the video took a bit of time: first had to sort through I dont know how many photos! Good thing though judging by the trash bin :-). - Who Else Wants Simple Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build A Container Home From Scratch?