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Some of these products are worth it, but some of them aren't worth the eight dollars. Glamaflouge is worth it. NYX is worth it. Revlon and maybelline are worth it. Cover girl.... Sometimes. Everything else, not worth it.

Everything you need to put together the perfect drugstore makeup bag! -- I own several of these products and I will vouch for them.

This is so simple, #diy rose water toner recipe. It rejuvenates the skin and fixes your makeup.

This is so simple DIY rose water toner recipe. It rejuvenates the skin, fixes your makeup and treats all sorts of things that can damage your skin.

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Metallic blue/navy blue smokey eyes -- i dont usually like blue eyeshadow but this is pretty :) I'd like to try it in green This should be good for prom :) Be.tiful,Beauty/Hair,Eye Makeup,Favorite Faces,make up