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Christmas holiday inspiration including holiday recipes, crafts, decorations, parties, homemade gifts, and home decor.
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two wine glasses filled with red liquid and topped with rosemary sprigs, sitting on a white surface
DIY Christmas Wreath Drink Stirrers
DIY Christmas Wreath Drink Stirrers
a pink door decorated with candy canes and decorations
Gingerbread House Door Decor
popcorn covered in cranberries and white chocolate
DIY Cranberry & Popcorn Garland
DIY Old-Fashioned Cranberry Popcorn Garland
two glasses filled with cranberry spritkles and garnished with rosemary
DIY Christmas Wreath Drink Stirrers
DIY Christmas Wreath Drink Stirrers
there are many gummy bears in the shape of a letter v on this table
DIY Gumdrop Garland
DIY Gumdrop Garland
a card with a christmas tree on it
Merry Christmas Tree | Christmas Card Set | Papier
Merry Christmas Tree
a snow globe with trees in it
print & pattern - Mary Haircuts
print & pattern
a star decoration hanging on a door with eucalyptus leaves and other greenery attached to it
two hands are stringing together orange slices and cinnamons to make an ornament
Dried Orange & Cinnamon Garland
dried orange christmas garland:
an orange, star shaped cookies and hammer on a white surface with stars scattered around it
dried orange garland
a coffee mug sitting on top of a wooden table next to a vase and star decoration
Mail - Lesley Meredith - Outlook
christmas stockings hanging from the fireplace mantel
DIY: Boho Christmas Stocking
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a white wreath with some trees and a house on the front is hanging in front of a window
Affordable Holiday Decor & DIY Projects
Christmas DIY decor | | Erica from What The Clique