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Middle School Math | In this board I share all about middle school math and my middle school math classroom. Here, you’ll learn about middle school math games and worksheets. How to set up your middle school math lesson ideas, meaningful classroom decorations and more. Find out more about middle school math at https://www.thesassymathteacher.com/category/middle-school-math/
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the 6th grade math test prep tips
Transform Your 8th Grade Math Review
Discover the ultimate 8th Grade Math Review resource - The Sassy Math Teacher's worksheets! Ditch the boring review sessions and make learning math a blast with these engaging exercises. Say hello to confident students and stress-free teachers!
an orange and black collage with text that reads challenge your students to march mathness
🧩 Fun March Mathness Challenge for Students
Looking for a new and exciting way to engage your students? Try out the Sassy Math Teacher's March Mathness challenge! 🎉 Students will love competing for the top spot in their class, and you'll love seeing their progress. Ready to make math the most fun subject in school? 📚 Learn all about it!
vdoe-math-standards Math Hacks, Math Tricks, New 2023, School Math, Math Teacher
Navigating the 2023 VDOE Math Standards!
Get ready for some exciting math adventures with The Sassy Math Teacher 🧒! We're diving into the brand-new 2023 VDOE Math Standards, and it's going to be a wild ride! Stay tuned for tips, tricks, and all the coolest math hacks.
the super bowl math worksheet is filled with different activities to help students learn how to
Super Bowl Math for Middle School
Score a touchdown in your classroom with these Super Bowl-themed math worksheets! Perfect for middle school students, these worksheets offer differentiated equations that will challenge and engage. Make math fun while nurturing your students' love for football. Don't fumble this opportunity to inspire your students - Grab now!
a computer screen with text that reads, types of slope play and an image of a monitor
Mastering Math with Middle School Slope Lesson Plan
Transform your students' understanding of Slope with this comprehensive lesson plan designed for middle school. With engaging activities, interactive worksheets, and step-by-step guidance, this plan makes mastering mathematics an enjoyable experience. Don't miss the chance to elevate your students' math skills to new heights!
a woman sitting in front of a green sign with the words fun march activities
Exciting Math Adventures: 15 March Classroom Activities You'll Love
Spring is in the air, and it's time to celebrate with these 15 exciting March activities for math class! From St. Patrick's Day themed challenges to leprechaun logic puzzles, our selection of activities will make learning math an unforgettable journey. Dive in and get ready to create lasting memories with your students this month!
a person holding up a piece of paper with the words tips for teaching slope written on it
Mastering the Slope: Fun Learning for Middle Schoolers
Transform 'slope' from a confusing word into a fun and understandable concept for your middle schooler. Our unique teaching methods make it easy for students to visualize, calculate and apply slopes to real-life situations. Don't let math be a hurdle. Make it a thrilling journey. Learn more.
valentine's day math activities for kids
Unlock the Math Magic this Valentine's Day
Discover a collection of Valentine's Day Math Activities tailored specifically for Middle School students. These fun and thought-provoking exercises not only engage young minds but also teach them valuable skills that will serve them throughout their academic and professional lives. Don't miss out on the chance to inspire your students this February - read about these incredible activities today!
winter-math-activities Math Activities For Middle School, Winter Math Activities, Winter Math, New Class
Winter Math Activities for Middle School
Try these winter math activities in your classroom today!
grading-papers Grading Papers, Leaving Work, Secret Sauce, 7th Grade, Math Ideas
Spend less time grading papers, try self-checking assignments!
4 tips to help you spend less time grading papers and more time giving meaningful feedback!
How to Get Students to Show Their Work!
Try this when assigning worksheets to force your students to show their work!
a close up of a cell phone on top of a table with text reading teaching comparing and ordering real numbers
Teaching Comparing and Ordering Real Numbers
We kick off the year in Pre-Algebra with number sense! Read the blog post to lesrn some lesson tips and snag a freebie!
ghost in the graveyard prize bags and two math review games for grade 1 - 2
Two of my Favorite Math Review Games - The Sassy Math Teacher