Veruschka ♥ 1965

Vogue Pattern Book Autumn 1965 Veruschka is wearing a late afternoon dress, red, hat, brown, style.

1960s Vogue Couturier 2347 by Valentino of Italy by GreyDogVintage, $38.00

Vogue Couturier 2347 Designed by Valentino of Italy Misses One-Piece Dress High-fitting A-line dress with round neckline and


Editha Dussler is wearing a sharp green coat with blind closing and giant square-seamed pleats in the back by Stanley Nelson, wide roller by Emme, photo by Irving Penn for Vogue, 1967

paris fashion, 1962

Photo: Georges Saad (Paris, Shetland crême wool suit by Jean Patou, Hermès gloves + bag.

60's Fashion, retrogirly: Twiggy

Lesley Lawson (Twiggy) was an English model of the Sixties. She was a prominent British teenage model of swinging sixties London.


1967 ok that's just funny. micro mini dress black white arrow pointing down long white go go boots late vintage fashion style unique unusual mod


Red bathing suits and fuchsia straw hats, 'Vogue' magazine, January Photo by Louise Dahl-Wolfe. I love the color combinations

Dior New Look 1949 Willy Maywald

week 9 Dior New look: Rounded shoulder line accentuated waist, long skirt Christian Dior, New Look, 1949 photo byWilly Maywald