Mesjid Besar - The Grand Mosque, Semarang, Indonesia

Mesjid Besar - The Grand Mosque, Semarang, Indonesia. Mosque Photos and Pictures from Central Java Island South East Asia.

Palembang, Indonesia - Little Bangkok

Palembang, Indonesia - Little Bangkok. Tourist Attractions at the riverine city of Palembang Indonesia.

MONAS, Indonesia's National Monument. Funny Building Nickname.

Article about the National Monument in Jakarta, Indonesia called MONAS

Things to Do In Banda Aceh Besides Visiting Tsunami Sites

Things to Do In Banda Aceh Besides Visiting Tsunami Sites. Indra Patra Fortress 7 Acehnese Architecture Museum, at the tip of Sumatra, Indonesia

Motor Scooter - Funny Bike Transport! | The Travel Tart Blog

Packers& movers haridwar, best packers& movers in haridwar, transport in haridwar, packers in roorkee, packers in rishikesh and All over india.

An Insight Into An Indonesian Wedding - Semarang Style

Occassion: Indonesian weddings are colorful, joyous, and solemn.At the end of the ceremony, people leave wedding gifts in a wodden box by the door.

Bali Scooter with Satellite Dish in Indonesia! | The Travel Tart Blog

Bali Scooter, Indonesia - Strange Picture of the Week. Funny Travel Photo of a Satellite Dish on a Bali Scooter, the main form of transport there!

Silly Travel Photo - The Spanner Car Door Handle

Silly Travel Photo - The Spanner Car Door Handle, Mini bus Taxi. Funny Travel Photo in Indonesia of public transport mechanics!

Pekanbaru Indonesia - Living With The Locals

Pekanbaru Indonesia Living With Locals

How To Eat Rujak Cingur - Cow's Nose With Peanut Sauce

Super Shots Photography Travel Game - Some Cool Pictures. Travel Photos Game With Hostelbookers called 7 Super Shots

Volcano Hazards at Garut, Indonesia and Candi Cangkuang

Volcano Hazards at Garut, Indonesia, Java & Candi Cangkuang Facts. Hot Sulphur, Spring Information. Trip and Tour Guide for Volcano Hazards