This is the Future of Making Things

The Future of Making Things is happening now. See how manufacturers are taking advantage of new technology to create new innovative products with generative .

Autodesk Welcome to the Future of Opportunities

robotic fabrication in architecture

Robotic fabrication in architecture is accelerating with the help of the world’s largest architecture and construction robotics lab.


Motion Capture in the Autodesk Applied Research Lab at Pier 9

How is Salesforce customer Autodesk responding to fundamental shifts in the ways that products are designed and built?

Autodesk models the future of making things

By applying data science and analysis to 3D design data, this information can be used to help design software to emulate nature and produce highly optimised designs that achieve exactly what’s required of them in the most efficient and elegant way possible

Worker is new assigned to a machine in a textile factory, the foreman explains something - buy this stock photo on Shutterstock & find other images.

Deciphering Industrial Internet of Things, IoT, and More

Autodesk's Diego Tamburini provides a no-nonsense look at defining the IoT trend, what’s new now, and what the new terms—from Industrial Internet of Things to IoT itself—really mean.