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"Ong Seong Wu (옹성우)" is a South Korean singer under Fantagio and YMC Entertainment. In 2017 he survived Mnet's "" and qualified to be a member of boy

ᴍɪᴅɴɪɢʜᴛ ʙʟᴜᴇ (@midnight_OSO) | Ong Seong Woo│ 옹성우

The most beautiful human to bless this world Credits: midnight_OSO

Ong Sung Woo (옹성우) | wallpaper produce 101 season 2

"You stole my heart, but i'll let you keep it" ♡WannaOne♡ sung woo

Wanna One 옹성우 (Ong Seongwoo)

(click images for full size) Kang Daniel Ong Seongwoo Lee Daehwi Kim Jaehwan translated by Park Woojin Ha Sungwoon Hwang Minhyun Park Jihoon Lai Guanlin Bae Jinyoung Yoon Jisung Source:

새벽 달빛‏ @moon_wannaone11 옹성우 Ong Seong-woo ♡ Ong Óng Òng Ong~

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새벽 달빛‏ @moon_wannaone11 옹성우 Ong Seong-woo ♡ Ong Óng Òng Ong~

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