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a table that shows the cost of $ 15, 000 in 2 week's
a table that has a lot of papers on it with the price for $ 10, 000 in 52 weeks
a table that has some numbers and prices for different items on it, including one dollar bill
a sign that says $ 500 in 6 months and has the same price for each month
how to earn money online(within 1 day)
a sign that says $ 4, 000 in 5 - week savings for the next holiday
How To Save $4100 Easily (52 Week Money Saving Challenge)
the how to save fast biwecky savings plan is shown in red and yellow
Bi Weekly Savings Plan to Save $5000 in 26 weeks
a poster with the words,'50 + expense tracking catagories '
150+ Expense Tracking Categories to Help You Track Your Finances
a blue and red poster with information about the different types of people in each country
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