Honda C70 Passport. Its so cute! Totally could see myself on this.

Honda C70 Passport

This small engine motor bike, in continuous production since 1958 played an integral part in restoring the post war Japanese economy. Over 60 Million have been manufactured since then.

Honda Supercub

Wanted: Honda 50 - Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum

the-sea-sider-2.jpg | Image

Deus Sea Sider

The Deus Sea Sider is a surf-ready commuter for Balinese adventures - Acquire

Honda C90 and C100 | Retro Rides

Just bought a 1979 Honda from a friend, and my plans are to strip it down, repaint it and completely tidy it up. Ive even bought myself a shed just to dedicate to the project.

Street cup honda c70

Original post here: You know what they say about judging books and covers . It makes me wanna custom my Honda cub now.

Honda 50 my very first wheels!

Vintage Honda 50 Motorcycle (step-through) As owned by my mother, and I sat as a pillion passenger with just a child's riding helmet

Classic and Vintage Motorcycles: Honda Classic Motorcycles : Honda Classic C 50 Moped 1965

1965 Honda C 50 Moped Pictures 1965 Honda C 50 Honda moped, 1965 . This highly succesful moped was produced from 1958 until the early.

1960’s Honda called the ‘Super Cub’

Wanted: Honda 50 - Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum

Believe it or not this Honda Super Cub c100 is a paper craft model and it's available for free for everyone to try and make one!

– Old Super Cub – (printed paper) – ちまちま紙いぢり

Honda dream C100 with custom decals

Honda dream with custom decals