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99 names of Allah

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99 names of Allah

Al Aziz

The 99 Beautiful Names of Allah

One who recites this name frequently will be respected and treated accordingly by others.

99 names of Allah الملك

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A name of Allah swt

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: if a person knows 99 names of Allah (SWT) will go to Jannat Subhan'Allah


al quddus allah 99 names

Al Muhaymin- The protector.  May allah swt protect us from all evils

One of the Holy names of Allah swt

O Loving One! (Ya Wadud Calligraphy) [99 Names of Allah]

یا ودود Translation: Ya Wadud (O Loving One!) Names of Allah]

islam 99 names  of Allah... Subhannallah.. Islam is Beautiful.. InSyaAllah..Alhamdulillah

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99 Names of Allah by Islamic Posters It has been narrated by Abu Hurairah that Allahs Messenger SAW said: Verily Allah has ninety-nine names, hundred bu. 99 Names of Allah