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an old advertisement showing different types of chef tablets
History of Big Chief Tablets. Which ones do you remember?
an old disney poster with two cats on it's back and the words, yes siam having fun at disneyland
Vintage Disneyland Poster
three small bottles filled with different types of lip bales on top of each other
Things that remind me of my childhood: the '80s
grass stains: Things that remind me of my childhood: the '80s
a bottle of baby soft cologne spray on a white background
If You Were An ’80s Teenager, You Probably Owned All Of These
an animal sticker sheet with different types of stuffed animals on it's back
Vintage 1976 Hallmark Critter Sitters Stickers...totally had these!
there is a toy horse and carriage in front of a castle on the wooden table
an advertisement for a red cell phone with buttons on the front and side, which is being held by a person's hand
Popular toys from 1978 include Novelty Radios and Erector Construction Set
a stack of children's books sitting on top of a table next to each other
a yellow tennis ball sitting on top of a plastic bag
68 photos of toys from the 70s that will make you wonder where the time went
three painted eggs sitting next to each other
an old fashioned pool party set with toys and supplies in it, including a water slide
Barbie Swimming Pool
an orange and yellow toy van with chairs on the roof is next to it's contents
Barbie Camper - Had this as a child....must have been a foreshadowing of things to come....
Hippies, Vintage Fashion, Sandals, Vintage Shoes, Vintage Outfits, Buckaroo
August 16th Fashion Parade *Old School Prep*
two pairs of brown shoes sitting on top of a straw hat next to a painting
1-16-11 once more with the nostalgia
a doll house with furniture and accessories on display
a doll with long hair standing next to a box for the crissy dolls
Ideal Dolls & Doll Playsets for sale | eBay
Vintage Chrissy Doll Ideal Hair That Grows 1968 18"- I still have her and the original box. Think I was about 6 when Santa brought her to me.
a blue and white lunch box with a drawing of a woman in a pink dress
Vogue Worthy New & Resale Barbie & 12" Fashion Doll Department Store
an above ground swimming pool in the middle of a parking lot
the table is covered with different types of dishes and napkins, including one for baby's first birthday
there is an advertisement for a toy camper
camping car Barbie vintage
a toy iron sitting on top of a table
Vintage Fisher Price Music Box Iron
there is a fisher and piggy toy in the bowl on top of a table