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a bride and groom are walking towards their wedding car in the city at night time
a bride and groom getting out of an old car at their wedding reception in front of the limo
Flapper Dress, Kimono Top, Women's Top
Teuku Ryan, Women's Fashion, Quick Saves
a woman is sitting in a go kart
Foto kak vina
a man in an orange shirt pushing a shopping cart through a grocery store filled with drinks
Ganteng banget
a woman sitting on top of a glass box
Cantik banget
a woman is feeding a deer carrots with her hand while wearing sunglasses and a white jacket
Vina Kisa makan hewan
a man sitting on top of a wooden bench in front of a group of people
Zainal ganteng banget idaman punya Vina
a woman in an orange shirt and hat on a roller coaster
Elvina Andini
a man and woman taking a selfie on a ski lift
Zainal ganteng banget
two people are sitting at a table with wine glasses and candles in front of them
Elvina Andini YouTubers idaman
a man and woman dressed in silver posing for a photo with shiny tin foil behind them