Bali 1860, Balinese natural beauty

Theme Park Bali Balinese natural Beauty and Pleasure, nudity, natural, visitor bookings.

Willem Gerard Hofker aquarel 'Ni-Tjawan' met een kroon van bloemen, richtprijs € Ni Tjawan is the name of the model and you can see the words "Bali, Denpasar" on the right of the work.

Balinese women, studio photo

This Bali photo album presents you with some old Bali pictures, showing you old Bali photos with Bali as it was early and mid century.

Native Balinesse Woman with her child ~ Bali ~ Indonesia ~ c1920s

Indonesia, Bali ~ Native Balinesse Woman with her child ~ 1920

Two Balinese woman and a man. Date and photographer unknown.

Smiles are rarely seen in photos taken during Netherlands colonial rule. Sadly, the Dutch were not kindly rulers and often mistreated the Balinese people.

Wedding ceremony in Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia, 1930s, photographer unknown.

A marriage is something that is very precious in our lives, should always be kept in harmony This is a wedding ceremony on the island of Bali in (in Indonesian) Sebuah perkawinan adalah sesuatu yang sangat berharga didalam hidup kita.

1939 Bali, A dance instructor trains a young child in traditional Balinese dance.

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