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That was AMAZING

It's just this picture perfect emotional moment that sends chills down my spine. And SMACK! Now I'm on the ground laughing<<< Now I'm laughing on the the cold hard ground XD<< I am done with this fandom 😆

... :'(

If you don't see me for awhile it's because I jumpped off a cliff, into a pool of Nope. I feel like ♥ pinned this!

Sooooo true

Maybe if you put your study notes into one of their songs it'll help. Like when the boys did that math song to WMYB XD


What is even going on in this picture.Zayn and Louis are trying to act seductive, and then there's Liam who doesn't really know what's going on

Harry <3

Imagine: You are getting Harry Styles' autograph and he can't stop smiling at you because of how beautiful you are.