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All my cosplay/roleplay fantasies can come true now! <3 Can someone give me these for Christmas? Pleeaaaase?

Area 51 Digilegs allow the wearer to achieve the successful transformation of their human legs into the hind quarters of a digitigrade animal. This opens up endless possibilities in regards to new character / creature design.

Testing the full body prosthetics, including the leg design. The lifts would finally put Doug's height to about 7 feet tall as El Fauno.  DDT Efectos Especiales, creators of 'El Fauno' and 'The Pale Man'

The visionary world of movie illusions. Pictured: actor Doug Jones tests the full body prosthetics, created by David Marti of DDT Efectos Especiales for one of his amazing roles as "Fauno" in Guillermo del Toro's movie PAN'S LABYRINTH from