Detroit become human

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an image of a man talking to another person with text above it that reads, i told you don't put stuff in your mouth
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Nalinrut's Drawing Stash
a cartoon character is blowing his nose with the word mom written in blue on it
ナリンりんりん 🔞🔞 on X
two hands holding a purple object with question bubbles above it that says bite size thrium
the collage shows different types of electronic devices and their logos, including one that appears to be human being in people
two people are hugging each other while sitting on the back of a man's lap
Detroit: Become Human • DBH • Conner|RK800 • Nines|RK900 • Brothers pt 53
two men are talking to each other while one is holding his arm around the other
Maria Jonina 📌 VGen Comms Open (@BlueUmbriel) on X
I don't get it
a collage of photos with different people and things in them, including an image of a man's face
Detroit become human Aesthetic