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KWC model | Toolshero
Change is an inevitable part of life and this certainly also applies to business. It has been established, however, that many employees resist change. Managing this resistance is therefore crucial to ensure that a change initiative can be successfully implemented and to minimize the negative impact on employees. The KWC model can help with this, where KWC stands for Know, Want, Can. Read about the use and application of this model in our latest article by clicking the image, or by visiting
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Communication Framework | Toolshero
Implementing change is not always easy. Various experts in the field of change management have therefore developed models and techniques that help organizations successfully implement change initiatives. One of these is the Communication Framework, developed by Bill Quirke, and described in a book on internal communication by the Dutch Erik Reijnders, titled ‘Basisboek voor Interne Communicatie’. Click on the image to read our article about it. #CommunicationFramework #Change #Toolshero
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Change Control
Check out this article for a practical explanation and a real-life example of implementing AI in marketing activities. #ChangeControl #ProjectManagement #Efficiency #BusinessSuccess #Toolshero
Change Management Plan | Toolshero Getting Over Her, Constitutional Amendments, Parts Of A Flower, Motivational Books, Change Management, Cloud Services, Daily Devotional, You Gave Up, Don't Give Up
Change Management Plan | Toolshero
Change can be difficult. Countless companies have come to that conclusion since the existence of the company. Most attempts at #change fail because of a lack of understanding among employees. Successful change initiatives require a structured approach and sufficient staff resources. Communication is a key word here. The most important part of any change initiative is selling it. Learn more: #ChangeManagementPlan #Toolshero
Satir Change Model | Toolshero Ideas, Change Management Models, Management, Process, Development, Stages Of Grief, Explained, Sound
Satir Change Model | Toolshero
The Satir Change Model is a change management model developed by family therapist Virginia Satir. It is based on the Kubler-Ross model, as it includes the five stages of grief. These stages are applied in a change management process. In our latest article the Satir Change Model is explained in a practical way: #SatirChangeModel #VirginiaSatir #FiveStagesOfGrief #ChangeManagement #Toolshero
ADKAR model | Toolshero Business Analysis, Analysis, Job, Employee, Knowledge
ADKAR model | Toolshero
Organizational change usually meets with employee resistance. The ADKAR model, developed by Jeff Hiatt, is a change management tool to help identify why change is difficult and why some changes succeed while others are unsuccessful. Learn more: Our full article also contains a handy ADKAR model template to demonstrate the full 5-step plan for change. #ADKARmodel #ADKAR #JeffHiatt #ChangeManagement #Toolshero
After Action Review (AAR) | Toolshero Coaching, After Action Review, Time Management Strategies, What If Questions, Knowledge Management, Time Management, Thinking Skills
After Action Review (AAR) | Toolshero
After Action Review (AAR) is a method to assess a project or activity that allows both leaders and employees to discover and learn what happened and why. Our provides a practical explanation of AAR: After reading it, you’ll understand the basics of this powerful change management tool. It also contains a template to assess your project or activity. #AfterActionReview #AAR #StructuredReview #ChangeManagement #Toolshero
Stakeholder Analysis | Toolshero
Stakeholder Analysis | Toolshero
A stakeholder analysis is a technique to identify stakeholders and their needs in a company, system, project or other process. This concerns the evaluation of the system or company and the question whether changing that system will impact the stakeholders. Our full article on stakeholder analysis includes a downloadable template: #StakeholderAnalysis #ProjectManagement #ChangeManagement #Stakeholders #Toolshero
High-Impact Learning Organization (HILO) | Toolshero Learning, Clouds, Model, Empowerment, Hilo, Analytics, How To Plan
High-Impact Learning Organization (HILO) | Toolshero
Our latest article explains the High-Impact Learning Organization described by Josh Bersin in a practical way: After reading it, you will understand the basics of this powerful change management tool. #HighImpactLearningOrganization #HILO #JoshBersin #ChangeManagement #Toolshero
10 Dimensions of a Learning Organization (Schein) | Toolshero Leadership, What The Fact, Global Economy, 10 Things, Bond, How To Become, Learning Organization, How To Influence People, Financial News
10 Dimensions of a Learning Organization (Schein) | Toolshero
The 10 dimensions of a learning organization were introduced in Edgar Schein’s book ‘The Learning Culture and the Learning Leader’. In this book he identifies 10 dimensions of a learning corporate culture. This article explains the 10 dimensions in a practical way: #10Dimensions #LearningOrganization #EdgarSchein #ChangeManagement #Toolshero
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Managing Strategic Change (Tichy)
What is Managing Strategic Change by Tichy? Simply explained | toolshero
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Behavioural Science Approach to Management
What is Behavioural Science Approach to management? | toolshero
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Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Change
Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Change - practically explained | toolshero
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Strategic Change
What is Strategic Change Management? Definition & tools | toolshero
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What is Reorganisation? Definition, practical tips and more | toolshero