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4 Types of Innovation | Toolshero
Innovation drives progress and propels societies and businesses forward by introducing new ideas, products and processes. In the field of innovation, there is a renowned framework, proposed by Professors Rebecca Henderson and Kim B. Clark, that identifies four distinct types of innovation. In our latest article, we will explore each type of innovation: #Innovation #InnovationTypes #RebeccaHenderson #KimBClark #Toolshero
ChatGPT | Toolshero Content Marketing, Search Engine, Your Website, Online Visibility, Seo Strategy, Strategies, Innovation, Seo Services
ChatGPT | Toolshero
ChatGPT is an online natural language processing tool, powered by AI, and can be used to have human-like conversations, generate text such as emails, essays, as well as write computer code. It is still in development and has created a great wave of fear and ignorance about its implications. In our article you can read about the main objections people have when using AI in chatbots, and about ChatGPT’s development, examples, applications, dangers and pitfalls. Click on image to read. #ChatGPT #AI
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Disruptive Innovation
📢 Exciting News! 🚀 Toolshero is delighted to share the publication of a compelling article exploring the theory of disruptive innovation. 🌟 #DisruptiveInnovation #ClaytonChristensen #Toolshero
Pulsechain | Toolshero Investing Strategy, Cryptocurrency News, Cryptocurrency, Gaming Logos, Reading
Pulsechain | Toolshero
Our latest article includes an introduction to blockchains, popular cryptocurrencies and new blockchains such as Pulsechain: After reading it, you will understand the basics of this innovation. #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #Pulsechain #Innovation #Toolshero
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Innovation Management: the theory explained
What is Innovation Management? Definition, examples & more | toolshero
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Uncertainty Reduction Theory: Examples and Definition
What is the Uncertainty Reduction Theory? Definition & Axioms | toolshero
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Doblin 10 Types of Innovation: a Summary
What are Doblin's 10 Types of Innovation? Practically explained | toolshero
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Innovation Matrix
What is the Innovation Matrix? And what are the 4 Types of Innovation? Practical info + tips! Read more :
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Machine Learning explained
What is Machine Learning? And how does it work in practice? Read more :
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Big Data explained including characteristics
What is Big Data and the relationship with the Internet of Things (IoT)? Read more :
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Innovation Funnel
How to create an innovative and realistic action plan for new ideas? Read more:
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Berkhout Cyclic Innovation Model (CIM)
Berkhout Cyclic Innovation Model (CIM)
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Stage Gate Process by Robert Cooper explained
The Stage Gate Process focusses on product innovation and is used as a project management tool. Learn about the different stages and gates you come across and what advantages this model has. Become a better project manager. Read more
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Blockchain Technology explained
Blockchain / blockchain technology is a digital form of data management and is used in many different sectors for innovative solutions. Learn what Blockchain is and what it can be used for and get inspired to think of new application possibilities. Read more
Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence displayed by machines and is based on human cognitive functions (including the ability to think). Learn the basics of this modern concept and what impact AI has on the future. Read more. Digital Marketing, Predictive Analytics, Data Scientist, Data Science, Digital Strategy, Networking
Artificial Intelligence (AI) explained
Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence displayed by machines and is based on human cognitive functions (including the ability to think). Learn the basics of this modern concept and what impact AI has on the future. Read more.