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Pyschological Safety | Toolshero
Do you feel safe to express your ideas and concerns at work, without fear of humiliation or fear of consequences? The term ‘team psychological safety’ was coined by Harvard professor Amy Edmondson and refers to the idea that a team or organization provides an environment where employees feel free to express themselves and take risks. According to Edmondson, psychological safety is crucial for the functioning of so-called high-performance teams, especially in today’s competitive market. Read more about it in our latest article (click image or visit
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Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS) | Toolshero
Do you think training people’s social skills is important and useful? The Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS) is a program or system designed to assess, train and improve people’s social skills. Its aim is to promote social competence in people and groups and to address gaps in social skills. SSIS can be defined as a comprehensive approach that combines assessment tools, intervention strategies and progress monitoring to map and improve individuals’ social skills development. Learn more about it in our latest article by clicking on the image.
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Bronfenbrenner Ecological Model | Toolshero
The Bronfenbrenner ecological model serves as a framework for understanding human development, as proposed by Urie Bronfenbrenner, a well-known American psychologist. The model emphasizes the importance of various environmental and social factors that influence an individual’s development, such as family, school, community, culture and historical context. Learn all about the Bronfenbrenner ecological model in our latest article by clicking on the image.
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Observational Research | Toolshero
Observational research is a method of collecting data by simply observing and recording the behavior of individuals, animals or objects in their natural environment. It offers researchers insights into human and animal behavior, revealing patterns and dynamics that would otherwise go unnoticed. Our latest article explores the definition, types, advantages, and disadvantages of observational research. Several examples will show you how this approach improves our human understanding of the world.
Theory of Mind | Toolshero Teaching, Reading, Youtube, Kids And Parenting, Childrens Books, Hobbies For Kids, 1st Grade Reading Books, Kids School, Fun Hobbies
Theory of Mind | Toolshero
Developing a Theory of Mind (ToM) is an essential prerequisite for developing empathy and a successful social interaction or relationship. But what is Theory of Mind? Our latest article explains the theory in a practical way. Click on the image or visit: #TheoryOfMind #ToM #Psychology #SocialInteractions #Toolshero
Resilience Building | Toolshero Fitness, Biceps, Health Tips, Health, Health Facts, Health Screening, Health And Beauty, Bone Health, Muscle Health
Resilience Building | Toolshero
How do you build your resilience and what is it exactly? Our latest article explains what resilience building is and why it can help you in your personal and professional life. It contains some examples of situations in which resilience is important and practical tips to get started with improving your resilience. Click on the image or visit Enjoy the read! 😃 #ResilienceBuilding #Resilience #Skills #Psychology #Toolshero
📢 Announcement: Toolshero is thrilled to announce the publication of our latest article on Psychological Capital (PsyCap)! Check it out now. #PsyCap #PositivePsychology #PersonalGrowth #ProfessionalDevelopment #Toolshero Mental Health, Coaching, Leadership, Holistic Health, Psychological Effects, Endorphins, Stress Management, Power Of Positivity, Hormones
Psychological Capital (PsyCap)
📢 Announcement: Toolshero is thrilled to announce the publication of our latest article on Psychological Capital (PsyCap)! Check it out now. #PsyCap #PositivePsychology #PersonalGrowth #ProfessionalDevelopment #Toolshero
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McGurk Effect
Have you ever wondered why what we see can sometimes influence what we hear? The McGurk effect, discovered by Harry McGurk and John MacDonald in the 1970s, demonstrates precisely that. Read more in our latest publication. #McGurkEffect #Toolshero
EMDR therapy is a scientifically-backed treatment for trauma and PTSD that has helped many people overcome their symptoms. Read more in our latest publication: #EMDRtherapy #trauma #PTSD #mentalhealth Motivation, International Coaching Federation, Assistant Jobs, Financial Advice, Research Assistant, Job Description, Communication Skills, Psychology Research
EMDR Therapy
EMDR therapy is a scientifically-backed treatment for trauma and PTSD that has helped many people overcome their symptoms. Read more in our latest publication: #EMDRtherapy #trauma #PTSD #mentalhealth
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Gregory Bateson biography and publications
Gregory Bateson was an influential anthropologist, who made significant contributions to the fields of communication theory, cybernetics, and ecology. #gregorybateson #science #toolshero #doublebindtheory
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Psychotherapy: the Definition and Theory explained
Psychotherapy is a form of therapy aimed at increasing happiness and overcoming problems. This article includes the basics, followed by information about its origins and the different forms used today. Enjoy reading!
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Pierre Janet biography and quotes
Pierre Janet is considered to be one of the founding fathers of modern psychiatry. Read more about his exciting life in our latest biography.
Dunning Kruger Effect | Toolshero Cognitive Bias, Psychology
Dunning Kruger Effect | Toolshero
The Dunning Kruger effect is a cognitive bias, in which incompetent people tend to overestimate their ability. The opposite effect for competent persons has also been studied: the tendency to underestimate their skills. Our article explains the Dunning Kruger effect in a practical way: #DunningKrugerEffect #DunningKruger #CognitiveBias #Psychology #Toolshero
Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) | Toolshero Learning, Behavior, Explained, Beliefs, Intentions, How To Plan, Person, Attitude
Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) | Toolshero
The Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) is a theory of psychology that links beliefs to behaviors. The theory was elaborated by Icek Ajzen. According to the theory, there are three core components, which together make up a person’s behavioral intentions: attitude, subjective norms and perceived behavioral control. Learn more about this powerful psychology theory: #TheoryOfPlannedBehavior #TPB #IcekAjzen #Psychology #Toolshero
Schema Therapy | Toolshero People Sitting, Group Therapy, Treatment, Therapy, Psychotherapy, Development, Mood, Disorders
Schema Therapy | Toolshero
Schema therapy is an internationally recognized form of therapy used in the treatment of personality disorders and other recurring long-term problems, such as anxiety and mood problems or disturbances in personal functioning. Developed by Jeffrey E. Young, schema therapy is an integrative form of psychotherapy, which combines theory and techniques from other therapies. Learn more: #Schematherapy #IntegratedTherapy #Psychology #Toolshero