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Zuri Anderson

マニアニ/Maniani on Twitter

“「ロイニーと星の魔法」に登場するキャラクター達です。 (他にもまだまだいます) 名前や詳しい設定等は後ほど公開します~。 #ロイニーと星の魔法”

Cassandra Jean

What has been your most favorite work of art in all of the shadow hunter series, and can u show me by posting it? That’s a very tall order as I have drawn literally hundreds of Shadowhunter pictures...

The Norns by IrenHorrors on DeviantArt

Instagram | Facebook | Shop (Music : Dargaard – A Path In The Dust) The Norns in Norse mythology (or Moirai - in Greek mytholo... The Norns



🕯️🌙 Niseween Hallowsteinn🍁🍂 on Twitter

“"Under the water, moon looks so twistedly interesting"🌙🌊 Nayreevia for #merymay #mermay2020 I love her nelf form and how twisted she looks as a mermaid💚💛 #worldofwarc #wow #nelf #nightelf #nayreevia”


My entry for the Character Design Challenge of September. Personal Work.

¿En donde me Metí? (kimetsu no yaiba y tu) - Capítulo 2 (¿en Donde Estoy?)

T/n hija de lucifer y lilith y hermana menor de charlie, de casualidad tú te fuiste a otro mundo donde existen, demonios diferentes que tú tienes que matar pero para ti será una nueva aventura

God Complex - (Y/N) - Profile

The world is constantly being faced with Armageddon level threats..... Yet somehow, the heroes always saves the day. But are they always the only ones doing it? The Jagged Empire. A secret organization that protects the world from several threats more than the worlds know, from behind the shadows. An organization siding between the shadow and light. They have the manpower and technology comparable, if not, better than the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D combined. Surprisingly, no one knows who they…

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Media Tweets by Gogalking (@gogalking)

The latest media Tweets from Gogalking (@gogalking). Contact - march1638@chzbk.com (No commission) @ggkssub pfp: @hcnone