Oahu Island in Hawaii

hanauma bay-remember the japanese tourists who wanted kamaehu's pictures in his shirt with the "mon"

Hayman Island, The Great Barrier in Australia

Hayman Island Whitsundays Central Reservations Centre at Airlie Beach is your source for Whitsunday yacht sailing adventures, bareboat charters, Great Barrier Reef diving and snorkeling, and Whitsunday island accommodation in North Queensland, Australia.

Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England

Located in Great Britain in the county of Wiltshire, near Salisbury, Stonehenge is one of the most famous monuments in the world.

Niagara Falls in Ontarion & New York

Niagara Falls is the collective name for the three waterfalls on the American and Canadian Border. From front to rear the Falls or the American Falls, Bridal Falls, and the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls.

galapagos islands in Equador

Galápagos Islands South American continent The 100 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Places in the World in Pictures (part