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two people walking down the street at night with skateboards on their feet and one person wearing a backpack
josh kern
what's the time?
someone holding up a piece of paper that says stop sayings on the crosswalk
She gave me this before the class start. “Open it when the class over” she said without looking at me.
two people sitting next to each other on a bus
Why she always read the same book and at the same time?
an old fashioned cassette player sitting on top of a table next to other vintage tapes
This music remind me at her.
an open notepad next to a guitar
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Why I got you on my mind?
a person laying on the ground with their feet up in some grass and bushes next to them
It’s just shows our foot. But, this photo is the only proof that shows our closeness.
the back of a woman's head, with her hair in a pony tail
Pretty boii
a man is covering his face with his hands
▲inconfidências íntimas uploaded by @inconfidenciasintimas
You leave me. That’s the reason why I never talk to you anymore even you have get your ass home.