Things to know about Bali

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La flor más característica de Bali: El FRANGIPANI. Un aroma que no olvidaras nunca.  The most characteristic flower in Bali: The FRANGIPANI. A scent that you will never forget.
Very near the Temple of Pura Besakih, in the Town of Penglipuran, is the spectacular BAMBOO FOREST, a natural setting in which to get lost for a few hours. Muy cerca del Templo de Pura Besakih, en el Pueblo de Penglipuran, se encuentra el espectacular BOSQUE DE BAMBÚ,, un enclave natural en el que poder perderse durante unas horas.
The ceremony MESANGIH (Filing teeth) is one of the most important in the life of the Balinese Hindus, as it means the transition from adolescence to maturity, both women and men, removing impurities to find true human nature.
The GUNUNG KAWI Temple was built in the X century by Udayana, king of the ancient kingdom of Bali. This consists of 10 shrines carved into the side of a cliff and access you have to descend about 300 steps that, of course, later you will have to walk up.
A favorite Temples of visitors to the island of Bali is the temple of Pura TANAH LOT, one of the finest examples of Hindu religious architecture. Built in the XVI century on a large rock that is almost covered when the tide is high, the tradition gives us access to the sanctuary to be blessed by the priests.
The Balinese marriage is a testimony to God and to the general public, binds and compromises as a legitimate partner. It is a part of Balinese life stage that not only is recorded in a civil but the most inportant is the religious aspect of marriage.
SACRED SPRINGS of TIRTA EMPUL Temple were created by the God Indra and for balineses to have healing, physical and spiritual properties. The holy water springs through 12 sources, must use 10 of them, since the other 2 are to honor the dead.
Balinese calendar months have 35 days, and years six months (210 days). The schedule in Bali is full of red days, pointing national, or (red or black) circles, pointing parties Bali island, which can be Muslim holidays, being a Muslim country, Hindu holiday parties, for being a Hindu island, and Catholic and Chinese festivals, having also Catholics and Chinese. In Bali there is always something to celebrate !!!!!
The WATERFALLS Munduk are the highest of the island of Bali, which is reached after a short hike through the lush jungle vegetation. Once there you can swim, but the water is freezing.   Las CATARATAS DE MUNDUK son las más altas de la Isla de Bali, a las que se accede tras una corta excursión a través de la frondosa vegetación de la selva. Una vez allí es posible bañarse, pero el agua está helada.
It was in 1808, as a result of a strong volcanic eruption, when the stunning Lake Buyan split in two, forming so called TWIN LAKES   Fue en el año 1808, a consecuencia de una fuerte erupción volcánica, cuando el impresionante Lago Buyan se separó en dos, formando los conocidos como LAGOS GEMELOS.