Pacu Jawi

Pacu Jawi is a traditional sport event in West Sumatra, Indonesia. This event is to celebrate harvest and begin a new season of rice harvest. It is only available in Tanah Datar region and Lima Puluh Kota region. Please enjoy it :)
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Pacu Jawi or Cow Race in West Sumatra, Indonesia

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Cow Race or Pacu Jawi. Race in mud after harvest season in Batusangkar, West Sumatra

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Jockey biting cow tail instead using whip

Cow Race is HOT in West Sumatra. West Sumatra is not just known as the best place for surfer (Mentawai island) but also famous for their culinary, food and culture. This Cow Race event is also a rare event to be found. This event to celebrate harvest season in some part in West Sumatra. Come and join us.

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Pacu Jawi with

Pacu Jawi Photo Tour with Pla contact for any inquiries or information.

Last year race with Djarum. One of Indonesia biggest company.

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